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Alex Muen is synesthetic European conceptual artist, based between Spain and the UK. Her light art is a junction of interconnecting layers of emotion, spirituality, materiality, technology and traditional craft.

Traditionally trained in Andalucía and Florence, Alex was called to the material side of oil painting.

"I loved how oil paint could be applied in transparent or opaque layers, in particular how glazing and colour interacted with light, how a poppy oil glaze could reflect light so strongly you couldn't see the colour it was glazing, hiding the truth under a veil of reflected light."

Moving from oil painting to light based work in [2017/8] was a natural progression, mixing both the craft of oil painting with programable LED lights, and projection.


" I'm obsessed with all the material aspects of light as a primary medium, how it is dynamic, different colours pulling divergent emotions from the same piece. When light is emitted and projected, rather then merely reflected, the viewer has a different interaction with the work, is enveloping, and transporting, its intrinsically participatory, even before the viewer is given control of the piece "

Alexa Muen Light Artist

Please text first if contacting via phone

Current Residency St Georges Church Thessaly in Battersea in London

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