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Any Bhodi 1.2 + Series
165/210cm mixed Media, oil and encaustic light painting with over 5000 programable LED lights.

The piece in real life has over 1500 colour variations, just from the emitted light.

Through The Looking Glass + Series

Double sided  165/210cm mixed Media, oil and encaustic, one way mirror light painting/sculpture

Aurora 1 + Series


mixed media encaustic, paint light on linen

An abstracted landscape based on melting glaciers and aurora borealis 

Conceptual Abstracts

Any Bhodi Series 2021

Bodhi means awake, enlightened, or completely open, the spiritually based abstracts are to do with finding your own path to enlightenment. 

Aurora Series 2021

The Aurora landscape series , is inspired by ice and the Aurora borealis 

Through the Looking Glass Series 2021

This series uses one way mirror and Dichroic film to draw people into the mainly double sided  works.

The Path 2021

40/50cm mixed media painting and led work.

An abstracted landscape based on Siberian Forrest's, with a path to Enlightenment 

Abstract Landscapes

Escape 2021


165/210 cm mixed media painting and led.

An abstracted landscape based on the Robin Katz Track Escape 

Exploring the synesthetic aspect of her reality as light artist