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Nine Elms 2021 Christian Icon Commission remit "World Peace"

Title "Love is Peace"

Multi media 165cm by 210cm

Nine Elms 2020 Christian Icon Commission remit "Light "

Title "His Light In the Darkness"

Multi media 165cm by 210cm

Madonna and Child of Light 

Multi media 165cm by 210cm

Started 25 /12/2021 (Christmas Day-  finished 02/02/2022 (Candle Mass)

Christian Church Commissions, and Devotional Works   

Commissioned by Church St Ann's and All Saints Vauxhall London, now situated in their Ladies Chapple  of the Dioecies of Southwark London in 2021
This devotional Christian icon was a last minute commission completed in under 2 weeks, painted in Oil on board with gilt leaf.

The remit was to paint in oil Christ with Mediterranean or African  features and to capture the concerns of climate change and other world catastrophise caused by human excess, where the sacrifice of Christ and the hope of his resurrection was a symbol of the resurrection of the planet, if we act together and sacrifice our small conveniences. 

The inspiration in technique was a new take on medieval illustrated manuscripts and Christian Orthodox icons, utilizing modern symbols such as nuclear and bio hazard , mixed traditional Christian symbols such as the dove holding the olive branch, with a new symbol of the blood of Christ triggering the wood of the cross to start to grow a new leaf.

St Anne's and All Saints 
Oil on board Commission 

Title-"All in  One " First Icon


50 by 75 cm

multi media icon of Christ

Title-"In solitude "

50 by 50 cm


multi media icon of Christ in the Desert 

"His light in the Darkness" John  1:5

"His light in the Darkness" John 1:5

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Light artist and Devotional artist 

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